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Clair Labs is shaping the future of proactive healthcare with its novel contact-free vitals sensing technology. Based on breakthrough deep learning, computer vision and product design we build the holy grail of seamless monitoring. We envision wide adoption of our medical-grade technology in domains such as sleep disorder diagnosis, at-home pediatric care, chronic disease management, post-discharge patient monitoring and more.
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Arctop provides brain decoding technology that analyzes brain signals to produces an accurate measure of the mind in real-time.
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EnsoData provides software-­as-­a-­service (SaaS) that enables the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand patterns and trends in health data. EnsoData’s technology unlocks the vast wealth of clinical expertise lying dormant in archived data; by their leveraging big data and analytics engine, EnsoData enables software to automatically perform complex and time consuming data interpretation previously left to clinicians. Their first product, EnsoSleep, uses big data and advanced algorithms to automate the scoring of sleep studies.
Founded by a collective of imaginative creatives and artists in 2018, Endel is democratizing wellness by making AI-powered mindfulness accessible to all. The company’s core technology Endel Pacific creates personalized, adaptive soundscapes to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity — all backed by neuroscience and the science of the circadian rhythm. The technology is designed for integration into various industries and external platforms. Endel spans apps across iOS, Apple Watch, macOS, Amazon Alexa, and Android with more than 2 million downloads. Endel is the Apple Watch App of the Year 2020.
At FreshBed, we believe that the secret to success is found in an excellent night’s sleep. Our company evolved from a passion for sleep, and it is our desire to promote a healthier world by providing better conditions in which to sleep. We aim to transform not just the way you sleep, but also the way you think about sleep, and our greatest goal is to help everyone reach their peak performance day in and day out using the restorative powers that only sleep can bring. FreshBed is the ultimate sleeping system with a unique and innovative combination of climate control, active airflow technology, and a medical HEPA filter. The personally adjustable temperature control enables a faster, deeper, and longer sleep without interruptions. The silent active airflow technology provides lower humidity and a cleaner and fresher bed. The air purification (>99,95%)by the medical HEPA filter ensures clean air capturing fungi, pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, virus carriers, etc.
We are sleep experts from institutions like ResMed, Harvard, and Apple driven by a shared purpose: to unlock human potential through the power of sleep. After studying millions of hours of sleep for over a decade we’ve created the world’s most accurate sleep app and a curated store of products so you can have a happier, healthier and more productive life.
Invicta Medical is a medical technology company that specializes in innovative therapies for sleep apnea.